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An Appointment With the Cable Guy?

Besides perhaps a root canal or a tax audit, few things can be more frustrating than making an appointment to have a telephone guy visit your home or even a long anticipated home delivery. You’re given a four-hour window (if youre lucky) and find yourself waiting and waiting, with no idea when the person will arrive. Inevitably, it seems, he does not show up until just before the window expires. Or, despite the four-hour time frame, he arrives late.

It has recently been recognised in law in some US jurisdictions that “The Cable Guy Problem” exists. Such is the seriousness that it has been codified into law that cable companies have to provide an arrival time and then need to arrive at that time or face a serious penalty (losing a month’s subscription fees).

At Rustyice Solutions, we have made it our goal to solve this problem for our customers : i.e. the problem of their end customers stranded at home, frustrated, waiting without knowing when, or even if, their appointment will arrive. Our advanced technology solution helps our clients manage customer appointments and the technicians in the field serving those customers with one goal in mind – to make sure that customers’ time is respected and customers’ needs and preferences come first. Our solution has been adopted by many companies to specifically address this problem.

We recognised long ago that this problem was not ‘just another customer service annoyance’ but rather a greater sociological and economic issue that reflects a deep systemic operational problem that most service providers who run a mobile workforce have ignored. It is ingrained in their legacy systems and processes and based on just plain taking the customer and their time for granted. But it ultimately ends up backfiring and producing a lot of inefficiency along the way.

This problem isn’t trivial because it ends up costing many millions of people, the customers waiting at home, a lot of their precious time, their hard earned money, holiday time, their freedom, etc. It produces aggravation, at the least and, many times, even animosity towards these service providers and their employees. It also actually costs these companies their brand equity, the goodwill of their customers and a lot of wasted revenue money lost on missed appointments, unproductive technician time, unnecessary calls to the call centre and, most of all, the ultimate price: customers leaving them when better service is offered by someone else. There is simply no excuse any more for this behaviour in an age of real time mobile gps based communications systems.

There are always visionaries in every company. But all it takes is one person. One person can change a culture and we have met many of these. These visionary leaders know that they had to make a change and they were and are willing to fight for that change themselves, against the machinations of their organizations. They do this because they know that they are right. They know that there is a better way – and using a cross section of technology and mind to transform the customer appointment experience (using Rustyice Solutions) – and they KNOW: if it is within the realms of their gift, then they have to make a better experience available to their customers. It takes a lot to make change in big companies, but there are always people who do.

With Rustyice mobile workforce solutions, we can provide you with the tools to keep your own customers fully informed at every step of the way by providing such information as is necessary to them to understand in some detail exactly when their appointment is likely to arrive. More importantly perhaps we can provide you with the means to keep your customers up to date as dynamic issues affect this ever changing picture.

Why not contact us today to discuss a workforce mobility solution and how it can transform your own customers perception of the service they receive from you.


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