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Budgeting for Enterprise Video in 2011

The dominant topics of conversation for many organizations this month are budget and planning for 2011.   Enterprise Video is an especially hot topic for corporate communications professionals.  But in order to make a sound decision about a video deployment strategy, corporate communicators need to answer some fundamental questions to establish the budget. What are all the use cases for video in the enterprise? What are the factors that play into ROI? And how can I get IT to be on the team to make video a key communication solution for the enterprise?  These topics break down and play out in the following way:

Use Cases – beyond the mandate (which usually comes from the MD or business management) to provide live webcasting capabilities to the entire company, there are additional use cases that drive demand for video and justify its use.  Traditional corporate training, videoconference recording and streaming, and project management (where large-scale project meetings often have a one-time cost-elimination justification for introducing video streaming as a replacement) are the most frequently requested capabilities.  In addition, an emerging use case often referred to as  YouTube for the Enterprise is particularly useful for large groups that are undergoing rapid growth or change, and that having the desire or need to share key information in a bottoms-up method that can generate collaboration and lead to employee buy-in, but secure and controlled behind the firewall.   Another emerging use case we are witnessing is Mobile Video. We are seeing that executives are becoming enamored with the potential of iPad’s to be a game-changer in the enterprise, and want video streaming (and the quality that goes with the iPad) to be an integral part of the enterprise YouTube solution.

ROI – Justification for the expense of enterprise video is often eclipsed by the same drivers for YouTube for the Enterprise or mobility roll-outs. Video is part of a broader investment in modernizing a company’s communications capabilities and allows for more employee and customer engagement.  ROI tends to be an afterthought.  However, ROI still needs to be addressed for most video projects to get off the ground and gain approval from certain business units.

Engaging IT –  John Chambers, CEO of Cisco, stated in a Gartner interview last month, “To me, the future is simple. Any device, over any combination of networks and any medium that you want, where video will probably be 90% of the load- and more than that in terms of how it changes business models- is going to occur.”  Those words will be striking fear into the network team when they realize that all the time they’ve spent optimizing network traffic for applications is soon to be crushed with the onslaught of video.  But that doesn’t have to be the case.  Rustyice Solutions Network Optimisation is certainly one technology that is rapidly gaining entrance into enterprises to reduce and significantly ease the impact of video on corporate networks.   But having an initial conversation with IT about video can be tricky for many corporate communicators. The topic of video has valid concerns especially for the network team, but nothing that content delivery products cannot solve.

So as you look forward to 2011, if you can clearly envision your use cases, justify the ROI and successfully engage IT, you will be well on your way to successfully deploying video in the coming year. Rustyice Solutions stands ready to be your partner as you move forward into the video enabled future.


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