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Do Small Businesses Really Need Network Management?

We meet a lot of small business owners who experience a LOT of business pain because of badly performing or just downright failing networks. Network connections, (or put more simply your broadband connection and the ability to transact and communicate) have become essential for all but the tiniest fraction of businesses nowadays. Of course, its been the dilemma for as long as technology has been a factor in business that small businesses simply cannot afford to support their technological infrastructure in the way that they know they need to.

So whats to do? Most people are just winging it to be fair. The systems we buy nowadays for business are pretty good but far from perfect.

Of course the real trouble is never expected until it arrives.

So when the perfect storm of unaffordable costs to cover the systems we need and systems failure hits, we need to make decisions we really don’t want to have to make. Unjustifiable costs suddenly become justifiable in the face of the totality of the eclipse and the value proposition changes dramatically until everything is fixed, the network goes back to sleep and calm is restored. Until the next time.

This is where a low cost management solution from Rustyice Solutions really becomes your greatest asset. Our small unobtrusive RCAD (Rustyice Control & Access Device) will sit quietly inside your network continuously monitoring the health of your network devices and also your connection to the outside world.

Our systems offer 24x7x365 real time visibility of a multitude of measurable metrics within your network ensuring that, when coupled with our realtime SMS, Email and Messenger alerts component you are always fully informed about the health of your network systems.

Imagine your business broadband connection goes down in the middle of the night. You don’t want to be in the position where you are making the necessary telephone calls having just realised the problem when you arrive at the office at 8.30. With an RCAP that process can begin via our automated systems while you sleep and can potentially be resolved by the time you get to your front door.

An RCAP is much more than a broadband & network monitor however. Through your RCAP you can monitor anything on your premises such as motion sensors, fire alarm panels, smoke alarms, in fact anything that can be measured by a sensor. You can collect statistics on printer paper use, ACU health, HVAC system performance and even the levels in the coffee machine. The RCAP from Rustyice solutions really does it all and, with a customised dashboard designed by our engineers you will have all the data you need at your fingertips, alerting you at precisely the trigger points you require to ensure your business runs smoothly.

At the superbly affordable price of £14.99 per month why wouldn’t you?

Interested? Contact us today for a test drive. With no contracts and no commitments it really is an offer you can’t afford to refuse.

Contact us today to order your new RCAP.

Rustyice Pulse hits a reassuring rhythm.

As if monitoring and managing all of the devices on your company’s network isn’t complicated enough, new and more complex business applications are constantly being brought into the fold. You are expected to seamlessly integrate them into your monitoring and managing strategy to ensure their performance and availability, but how can you do this efficiently?

With most network management tools, there is no automated or simple way to monitor the performance and status of important business applications.

The majority of businesses today rely pretty heavily on Windows Server based applications. These can sometimes be tricky to monitor, even with the most powerful of network monitoring solutions. And to be honest, a lot of NM solutions out there don’t support any kind of WMI monitors.

This was certainly taken into consideration by our team when developing Rustyice Pulse. Our goal is to make Rustyice Pulse the most comprehensive yet user friendly network management and monitoring solution on the market. By incorporating WMI application monitoring into the very core of the product, Rustyice Pulse Premium edition allows you verify the health and status of multiple types of complex web and windows applications. It also can capture key performance and process related information for each monitored application.

We aim to make your life as a network manager/administrator easier and less stressful. That means our goal is to make Rustyice Pulse as versatile as possible. To learn more, visit our WMI application monitoring page or give us a call today.