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Creating a Roadmap for Remote Working

You have staff at temporary offices, employees shuttling between regional offices and corporate headquarters, and people telecommuting from home. So how do you optimize workforce productivity and empower better collaboration?

Today’s businesses are increasingly on the move – and with this rise in enterprise mobility comes the need for better tools to facilitate, manage, monitor and secure an increasingly dispersed workforce. Getting the right information at the right time to the right people in the right place has never been so important, and companies are looking to state-of-the-art communications to help them address the associated challenges.

While the need for better enterprise communication is nothing new, a number of key developments have contributed to its recent rise in profile. Continued globalization, for instance, has led to an increased requirement for secure, high-performance, applications-enabled networking. Securing the extended enterprise so that companies are able to strategically connect partners, suppliers and customers on a global basis is also becoming a key issue as companies look to collaborate more fruitfully with both internal and external colleagues. Meanwhile, the trend towards global ‘greening’ – and the rise in use of solutions such as conferencing, location-based services and paperless billing as alternatives to traditional ways of doing business – is driving the uptake of solutions such as on-demand computing, immersive video technologies like telepresence, and unified communications.

It’s partly about improving the efficiency of the business and partly about helping employees to achieve an optimum work-life balance. Telecommuting, collaboration, mobility tools and remote access solutions are all important strategies for companies looking to add greater flexibility, as well as productivity, to their workforce. In addition, the fact that the CIO is now widely seen as a business strategist charged with ensuring the tight integration of business and technology to help control costs, increase productivity and achieve a range of corporate objectives, is also leading to a greater focus on the business benefits of mobility solutions.

Our professional services can help you fully assess your current network infrastructure and its capabilities to support mobility applications, and provide recommendations for upgrades that will allow you to fully exploit emerging mobility technologies. Whatever your mobility requirements, Rustyice Solutions can help you enhance remote workforce productivity and efficiency and empower collaboration with solutions that expand the reach of your home office.”

Six steps to a world-class mobility solution

1. Think strategic
Yes, mobility helps increase remote worker productivity, offers increased access to business information, and enhances collaboration and communication. But mobility can also play a key role in the delivery of new services that make your enterprise more responsive to the market and your customers.

2. Put security first
Mobility means a myriad of new devices and applications. That means security is priority number one. You need a partner who understands how to engineer security into the very core of your network infrastructure.

3. Include voice and meeting applications
Integrate voice with the rest of your network traffic to control costs and obtain advanced functionality. The right solution must include a single, centrally billed employee number, whether you’re at your desk, using VoIP from home or using your mobile phone on the road. In addition, remote workers need the ability to interact with colleagues as if they were in the office, by using reservation-less ‘instant meetings’.

4. Don’t try to do everything in-house
Having the right partner to design, build, support and, most of all, administer a new mobility plan leaves you free to focus on your business. Managing your existing network and applications is a big challenge.

5. Select devices with care
Different people need different devices. A BlackBerry is more valuable for some, for others the laptop is the best solution. Your enterprise needs to identify the right tools for each employee and implement a network solution that can handle all devices.

6. Choose the right partner
Rustyice Solutions offers a truly integrated solution, including consultancy, devices, and infrastructure. Let us help you devise a strategy that meets the particular requirements of your enterprise.


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