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How practical is the potential of PaaS for changing the landscape of the VoIP PBX?

If you were to draw a systems-stack view of cloud services, ‘Platform as a Service’ (PaaS) is the layer between ‘Infrastructure as a Service’ (IaaS) and ‘Software as a Service’ (SaaS). Of all the cloud offerings, it is arguably the least well understood.

Sure, most people can get the gist of PaaS – a hosted service that allows you to develop and run applications specifically designed for the cloud – but do they get the point of it?

IaaS allows you switch workloads back and forth between the cloud and your on-premise environment, and SaaS allows you to fast-track access to packaged app functionality. But when, exactly, does it make sense to to build your own app purely for the cloud?

Businesses are being driven toward the Cloud because they are at a point where a new approach to IT is being mandated, one that cleaves to business requirements, is highly flexible, very cost effective and supports rather than blocks tactical and strategic changes to business. Cloud is also being held up as the answer to many traditional IT woes: slow and unresponsive systems; technology as an impediment to mergers and acquisitions (or demergers and spin-out plans); and IT as an expensive and variable source of costs.

With this inexorable revolution taking place right now, the network becomes the single most fundamental element of any organisations ICT infrastructure.

In the words of our Sales Director, Dave Kinloch who spoke recently in response to our new partnership with Telcentris Inc, “With our partnership with Telcentris, we have strengthened our portfolio of PaaS products which, at their very heart, enable businesses to enjoy the lower cost overheads that the cloud can bring whilst at the same time leveraging the cloud to take care of the systems allowing business owners to get on and focus upon their own core business.

Our new offerings from Telcentris offer businesses the chance to free themselves from the upfront capital investment and growth limitations of a traditional phone system. At the same time they offer powerful new functionality at a much lower cost.”

Contact us today to discuss the many ways we can help your business take advantage of these new and exciting services that not only save you money but also help to make you money.


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