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IP Camera Video Surveillance for ATMs

Even though ATM security has been increased over the years, we have all heard about how people are robbed at ATM machines, but we also hear of how they get caught. They are caught because a high quality surveillance system is put in place that allows the authorities to see the faces of those who rob individuals using ATM machines. Amongst those surveillance systems are IP cameras. The “IP” stands for “Internet Protocol” because they allow for remote access of the network from any PC in the world as long as the access is by an authorized individual.

Why ATM Surveillance with IP Cameras?

Prevents robberies and confrontations – Robbers are becoming more aware that security cameras are put in place to enhance the security level around ATM machines. This makes it less likely that customers will be robbed or confronted by criminals looking to steal their cards or cash.

Prevents skimming – Skimming is a technique used by thieves to take the information from the magnetic strips on ATM cards. It is this device that is integrated into the ATM machine. However, IP cameras can view this, record it, and even allow anyone watching to see the act happen in real-time, therefore sending the authorities on their way.

Detects hidden cameras – If anyone thinks they are going to steal PIN numbers through hiding a camera around the ATM machine, surveillance catches this act.

Digitally recorded – An IP-based camera allows the end user to back up the footage digitally. This can be done on the hard drive of a computer, on a server, or another piece of storage hardware. To conserve space, some IP cameras are motion activated. This means it will only come on when someone walks up to the ATM machine.

Investigating is easier – In the event that an incident happens, investigations are made easier. Digital footage allows for the successful search of a particular date and time. There is no need to watch the entire video. The motion detection also helps with this.

Risks of ATM Surveillance

There is really one main risk when using an IP camera for ATM surveillance and that is tampering. It is very difficult for a criminal to vandalize an IP camera, but it is possible. If it is tampered with, the signal may be lost, but through proper lighting and some other security presence, safety can still be preserved to an extent.

How to configure your IP camera

There are certain factors that must be taken into consideration when installing an IP camera for ATM surveillance:

Is this a 24 hour ATM machine?

Does it stand on its own or is it attached to the bank?

Are there any patrols or physical security presence in the area?

Is the machine left unattended for long periods?

Is the machine located in a neighborhood with a history of crime?

Setting Up Your IP Camera

There are also some factors to take into consideration when installing the IP camera. The following are those factors:

The IP camera should be installed within the ATM in order to get a clear image of all who walk up to it. Remember, motion detection is a feature on some IP cameras.

Position the camera in a way that it also captures the surrounding area in case there is some sort of suspected criminal activity in the area. You should also know that there are some IP cameras that allow you to pan, tilt, and zoom if you need to.

You can use software that allows you to link specific transactions with the video footage. That way, you can catch everything about a specific event.

All-in-all, a bank executive can be at home and decide that they would like to check in on the business. All that this person needs is a computer, an Internet connection, and access to the IP camera’s network.


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