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Making Links to Pages that aren’t in a Site Menu with Joomla

Often, when using Joomla you might want to make a link to a page without having to have it in a navigation menu somewhere. Examples might include:

  • Forms
  • A Google AdWords landing page
  • A special offer in an off-line advert

What you have to undertsand is that in Joomla, a page can not exist unless there is a link in a menu to it somewhere. But, didn’t we just say that we didn’t want it linked on any navigation. Well, here is the trick, the menu that the link is in doesn’t have to show on the site…

Do the following:

  1. Make a category for the pages (or they could all be static pages)
  2. Make a menu to “hold” the links to these pages. For example, make one called hiddenmenu. You can put your items which will not be linked to by a visible site menu in here.
  3. Make a static item called “The Hidden Menu”. It can be blank
  4. Publish the module that outputs the “hiddenmenu”.
  5. Note the link to the “The Hidden Menu” page.
  6. Set the secretmenu module to only show on “The Hidden Menu” page

Now, Any time you need a link to pages/categories that don’t have a link from the main menu, just make the link in the “hiddenmenu”. Then go to that page you noted in 5 above and the link should be there. Just right-click and “copy link location” and you have your URL.


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