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Metro Ethernet Primer

There is a LOT of hype about Metro Ethernet these days. But why all the hype?

Well, there are 3 Primary Reasons why metro ethernet is gaining so much traction particularly in the mid range business space.

The 3 reasons are: Cost, Flexibility and Convenience.

Since Cost is such an important driver for changing technologies, let’s talk about why Metro Ethernet is such a great technology from a cost perspective.

First off, Metro Ethernet is way more cost effective than traditional TDM Services like PDH E1, PDH E3 or Sonet.

Why? It’s less costly and easier to dynamically vary your bandwidth requirements without incurring too many one off costs or technology changes.

With traditional TDM services, if you want to increase bandwidth, you have to buy another circuit.

For example, let’s say you are using a full E1 for Internet so you are using 2.048Mbps of Internet. Now let’s say you are running more and more bandwidth intensive applications and you are seeing some issues with performance. You want to upgrade to let’s say 6Mbps. Well, to do that you need to buy another two E1 circuits from your carrier, you need to buy additional hardware, you need to begin a carefully controlled project involving who knows how many layers of change management during which you will probably need to configure that hardware (in-house or hire someone who can do it for you) and you need to wait for that new line to be installed.

All of this is costly.

Now compare that with using Metro Ethernet. So let’s say you have 1.5Mbps of Metro Ethernet Internet from Rustyice Solutions. If you want to go from 1.5Mbps to 6Mbps, you place a call to us to request the bandwidth increase and within a few days, you have 6megs of bandwidth.

No waiting around for another circuit to be delivered, no new equipment to buy, nobody has to make any configuration changes-you simply make a call and within a few days you have the 6Mbps of bandwidth in accordance with your business needs. The opposite is also true. Lets say for example, you are using a WAN optimisation solution from Rustyice. That system tells you that you can effectively cut your WAN bandwidth by 20% without impinging on essential business traffic levels and qos. Before the simplicity of Rustyice WAN Ethernet solutions it would simply have been a major headache to go through the project to move to a lower tier of service with a frighteningly complex rollback path should the picture change quickly. Not so with a Rustyice WAN Ethernet solution. Simply (metaphorically) slide the bandwidth scale up or down as and when it is necessary.

Anybodys got to admit that makes a whole lot more business sense.

Also, aside from being more cost effective in terms of increasing or decreasing bandwidth, it’s also more cost effective if you compare £ per Megabit.

For example, for a typical E3 (34Mbps) of Internet, you will probably pay somewhere in the area of £2,000 per month. For that same £2,000, you would get somewhere between 60-80 Megs of WAN Ethernet Internet bandwidth.

So with a TDM based E3, you are paying about £58 per Megabit of bandwidth.

With Metro Ethernet you are paying somwhere between £33.33 to £25 per Megabit of bandwidth.

Also, the Metro Ethernet pricing is assuming there is a fair amount of capital that must be absorbed by having to build fibre to the customer’s building. If there is already fibre terminated in the building those numbers get even better!

So, with Metro Ethernet, you’ve got a much more cost effective product AND you’ve got all the benefits of Ethernet like better Flexibility/Scalability, one familiar protocol which makes it easier from a management perspective.

What’s not to love?

Seriously, if you are not using Metro Ethernet today then you need to find out if it’s available in your area. If it is you have to take a serious look.

Of course if you are in the UK market, we would be happy to let you know if we can provide it to you. Call us free today for a no obligation chat about WAN Ethernet from Rustyice Solutions.


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