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Reaching a Geographically Diverse Client Base Through Webcasting

Keeping in touch with a geographically diverse client base is a challenge faced by businesses of all sizes, in all industries. On top of that, the requirement to remain connected across what can often be disparate and distributed organisations presents its own challenges. Our time is valuable, and when multiple customer priorities begin to stack up, our to-do lists resemble emergency room triage tactics more than business development strategies. Webcasting provides a method that’s cost-effective for presenting companies that’s also easy for clients to access.

As an increasing number of people use sites like YouTube to watch everything from viral videos to their favorite prime time television shows, a habit that makes streaming media a part of everyday life, the value of business-to-business webcasting grows exponentially. What was a novelty only a few years ago is now a regular part of many people’s personal and professional lives.

One of the tricky elements of reaching the market for most organisations in any vertical is the ever-changing schedules of the decision makers, a fact which makes getting the right people in the right room at the right time seem impossible. Finding a way to convey important product and service information in a manner that was convenient to them and cost-effective to us became increasingly crucial as our client base expanded. Webcasting provided a natural solution, allowing us to bring the popularity and convenience of streaming media to our outreach efforts. Attendees found value in live viewings, as they were able to interact directly with speakers through Q&A and live polling, while those unable to make it to the initial broadcast could catch up with the information through archival versions. Add to this the robust security settings that allowed us to control who had access to our information, and webcasting became the answer to our prayers!

At Rustyice Solutions we are firm believers in the effectiveness of webcasting as a medium to supplement the hard work of client-facing teams. It can allow companies to marry quality outreach with quantity of client contact –there’s simply no downside!

Contact us today at Rustyice Solutions to discuss how we can help you implement a successful webcasting strategy and bring your customers closer with every use.


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