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As networks have converged, multiple services with different SLAs now share the same IP network and compete for the same bandwidth. For example, best effort traffic (i.e. Internet) is mingled with real-time data (i.e. VoIP). VPIsystems’ IP-MPLS product, the network may be considered holistically as a single entity or on a layer by layer basis.

That way each of these services can be modeled independently, but their impact can be reflected on the IP network as a whole. This product includes sophisticated models to dimension IP and MPLS enabled IP backbone networks based on Traffic Engineering and Class of Service allowing each type of service to be modeled independently.

Perform comprehensive multi-service modeling

Each service can be modeled independently of the overall design.  Planners can grow different services at different rates as well as grow certain regions at differing rates.  You can also visualize your network on a service by service basis.

Powerful network failure and reliability analysis

Perform multiple different failure analysis on your network to find the weak spot in the design.  You can fail one or multiple circuits and/or one or multiple nodes, and see the resulting impact on your network.  In addition, you can fail the network by SRLG (Shared Risk Link Groups) or entire sites.  You are also able to simply perform a worst case analysis to see where the greatest risk is in your entire network.

Create multi-period plans

Create plans for any horizon based on user defined planning periods.  Build what you need when you need it and not before.  With a ‘just in time’ network build, significant capital savings can be achieved. Contact Rustyice Solutions today to discuss this with one of our representatives.


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