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Rustyice Solutions Retail Video Analytics Solutions for Retail Operations

A growing trend in retail outlets is the use of video analytics software. This intelligent software offers a number of solutions for retail operations, include: reducing shrinkage, increasing safety, improving customer service, ensuring proper compliance with employee procedures and much more. These various solutions can also be tailored to work in specific retail situations.

Software programs have been used for many years now to manage surveillance footage feeds. This highly efficient software is able to deeply analyze every last pixel of video feeds in real time. Specific objects can be identified, even recognized by the software. Individuals can be recognized from the rest of the background, some more powerful video analytics software can even perform facial recognition functions. This means that your computer can do a great amount of video analysis for you, without the need for constant human monitoring.

Software can then be used, when it finds something unusual or suspicious in the video feed, to automatically notify required personnel, set off alarms and more. This can greatly enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of your security and surveillance systems, saving you time, energy and money.

One of the great aspects of Rustyice Solutions Retail Video Analytics Solutions is the ease of remote access. Our video analytics systems are browser based, so they can be accessed from anywhere with an Internet connection. Managers, security personnel, etc. can check on security systems from home, at the office, or even on the road through the use of PDAs and web-capable cell phones. At the same time, security systems are protected by high-powered encryption and multi-level password systems so no unauthorized personnel are granted access.

Convenience stores have long used video camera systems for increasing security. Due to high volume of traffic, multiple items and relatively easy access, convenience stores have long been targets for petty criminals. The use of Rustyice Solutions Retail Video Analytics Solutions can greatly increase the effectiveness of pre-existing or newly installed video surveillance systems.

One of the great tools this intelligent software offers for gas stations is the ability to take high quality, real time images of license plates for protection against drive-offs. With its powerful analytical capabilities, video analytics software can identify license plates and capture high resolution images of them. With this photographic evidence, non-paying customers can easily be identified and made to pay restitution.

Grocery stores are another retail operation which can greatly benefit from video analytics. Shrinkage is a major concern for grocery stores, as theft, spoilage and more can all contribute to the loss of goods. This technology can address these concerns in various ways.

For example, items are often missed at the bottom of the basket while customers are at check-out. Video analytics technology can pick up on these out of place items and alert grocery personnel so the situation can be addressed pro-actively. Out of place items can be identified in a similar way.

The software can also differentiate normal shopper behavior with suspicious shopper behavior. On the ground personnel can be notified of the situation, so that they can monitor suspicious individuals and prevent theft. This is another major benefit of Rustyice Solutions Retail Video Analytics Solutions.

Rustyice Solutions Retail Video Analytics Solutions can even be used to prevent fraud in quick service and fast food restaurants. Questionable transactions can be cross-referenced with specific images and video captured by cameras, to give information on who specifically was responsible for the transaction. All of this information can then be sent immediately to managers and/or other responsible personnel so that they can take immediate action to rectify the situation.


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