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Satellite Broadband Internet for Scotland by Apogee Internet

Lets face it. Scotland is, for the most part, a relatively sparsely populated country. That is in the context of Western Europe. Away from the biggest cities and towns, its telecommunications infrastructure for the average end user is more likely to consist of a telephone line than a fancy high speed broadband connection. If a connection to the Internet is available for these areas it will probably run at a speed of less than 2 Mbps and often a connection to the internet is only available on a dial up modem connection which was so popular in the 1990’s and runs at a staggeringly slow 56 Kbps. It isnt even always necessary to leave the convenience of the town or village to experience these problems with many locations even within cities, towns or villages suffering from frustratingly slow access speeds.

As average speeds for the rest of the world have moved up, so has the average size and complexity of most websites which are usually designed on the assumption that visitors have a connection speed of at least 1Mbps. As for voice and video, these are services which can often seem a long way out of reach for the underserved rural marketplace in Scotland.

Various technologies have attempted to bridge that gap over the years since the arrival of the Internet but they have always proven to be either too costly or simply not reliable enough to make a difference. It was only recently that the promise of satellite technology was really able to deliver by providing cost effective, affordable and most importantly reliably usable services to the mass market. This is what we offer at Apogee Internet.

Our satellite broadband solutions cover Scotland as well as the rest of the UK and Ireland and indeed all of Western Europe. They provide our customers with truly high speed Internet access that can allow them to enjoy such services as catch up TV like BBC iPlayer, voice and videoconferencing services such as Skype, music and book downloads from the Apple iStore and even the thing that most of us take for granted, delay free web browsing. All of this is packaged at a very attractive price point and one which we continuously strive to ensure is the best value in the UK. In straightforward terms which our marketing department hates us using, we are the cheapest satellite internet provider in the UK.

But the cheapest satellite broadband in the UK does not mean we need to compromise on quality. All of our subscribers use the award winning Newtec Sat3Play terminal which ensures that the user experience is second to none and that the connection really squeezes the absolute best out of every ounce of precious bandwidth. Indeed we always contend that because of this equipment, our satellite broadband connections perform as good as or better than higher bandwidth (and higher cost) packages from our competitors.

On top of that, we use the best in terms of spacecraft. We have partnered with SES Astra to offer their award winning Astra2Connect service as the core of our satellite broadband packages. SES Astra are one of only a small handful of global giants in the world of satellite communications. This is the jewel in the crown of our service and one which ensures that we continue to offer the maximum possible in terms of data throughput even when atmospherics or other problems near the user on the ground would impinge on many other services.

Our equipment is easy to install and can be installed by anybody with average “do it yourself” skills if that is preferred to an installation by one of our professional installers. With easy to use tools like the Point & Play®, patent pending technology, which is included as a standard part of our customers welcome package the mystique is removed from the installation.

This tool allows the installer (be it a professional installer or the end-user) to easily position the antenna by identifying the satellite and providing instant feedback on both signal quality and lock. It can also save our customers money in the longer term enabling simple repositioning of the dish without having to call out and wait for an installation company, were the dish to be moved by a storm for example.

In summary, we at Apogee Internet offer a satellite internet service to Scotland which is unmatched in terms of quality at every level both in terms of the quality of the equipment as well as ongoing cost to our subscribers. Most of our team live and work in places just like those described above and the issues, problems and limitations which most of us at Apogee have experienced at one time or another are very close to our hearts.

We have made it a core value of our company to provide the most affordable and fastest possible service to individuals and businesses in Scotland left behind in the constantly developing Internet economy. If you would like to find out any more please visit our FAQ or contact us using our online enquiry form or perhaps even call us free in the UK on 0800 012 1090. We would love to hear from you and are happy to provide free advice to anybody experiencing difficulty getting connected to the network whether our customers or not. If you’d like to know more why not take a look at our main website which you can find here.




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