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Satellite broadband ‘more flexible than cable’

Satellite broadband services offer greater flexibility than the cable equivalent. At Apogee Internet we stand firmly by this contention.

We signed up last year with SES Astra in a widely publicised deal because satellite services are now far more accessible to UK households and businesses than in the past.

Across the industry, the launch of new satellites has not only increased the download speeds available, but helped make broadband deal prices more competitive and this makes the landscape very attractive for the UK consumer.

Paula Livingstone, Managing Director at Apogee Internet UK, said that, “In the past, satellite communications have been extremely expensive.”

“But now what’s on offer is a system that is comparable in price to that of a cable network and far more flexible, especially if you are a mobile user.”

She added, “The majority of customers we want to help aren’t necessarily in tiny villages or remote cottages, they are at the edge of metropolitan areas but still can’t get cable or ADSL at 2Mbps because they are 4 km or more from their closest telephone exchange.”

“Living, as I myself do, in a location that is afflicted with ADSL at a maximum of 1Mbps, I am keenly aware of the challenges this presents.”

Apogee Internet UK offers broadband deals supported by SES Astra’s ASTRA2connect platform using SES’s family of Astra 2 and 3 satellites at the 28.2 East and 23.5 East and can offer its customers a system which is capable of combining SKY TV / Freesat and satellite broadband internet access on the same dish. Call us free on 0800 012 1090.


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