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Scottish Satellite Broadband Internet makes sense

If you currently live in a rural area, you are probably looking to replace your slow dial up internet (or if youre really lucky, your trickle slow ADSL line) with a fast satellite internet connection. The world of satellite internet can seem like a black art sometimes as few people know of their choices simply because they have been stuck with the slow dial up they currently have for so long. Many people would love to change but feel like making the switch is more trouble than it’s worth. Using a piece of equipment in space to order your weekly shop could seem a little much. The problem with that theory is that you are wasting time. Your best chances at making a change into the modern world is by researching and figuring out how you’d benefit in the long run.

At Rustyice Solutions, we have already done all that figuring out for you ahead of time. Given the fact that a network connection is becoming a necessity in todays world, satellite broadband internet could be the next big thing in your life, especially living in the rural areas where services have always been limited. Fast rural internet connections could afford you the opportunity to connect to the rest of the world in a way like never before. Imagine being able to enjoy the benefits of iPlayer or other on-demand catch up TV services that have hitherto been way too much to hope for. Imagine being able to tell your kids they can now connect their games consoles to the network and connect with their friends. If you are reading this post then you probably already have your own list of reasons that youd love to be able to connect to the network faster than you currently do. A fast satellite internet connection could provide you a solution for those in rural areas a quality internet service at affordable prices that you possibly never knew existed.

The people who can benefit most from satellite internet broadband are those that can’t receive regular broadband, DSL, and cable internet. Although these are great services and provide amazing technology, often those in rural areas are unable to access these services. These types of services rely on physical infrastructures that carry the signals such as phone lines and cables which are often missing in the rural areas. But, the satellite broadband fast internet service signal is available all over the nation for the most part.

Another group that might benefit from having the faster satellite broadband connection is those that use their computer to chat, stream movies, and videos, and those that download a lot. Having to depend on dial up connections or a traditional modem would make this impossible. You would therefore, be limited in what you could do. A fast satellite internet connection would solve all these problems. With satellite internet, you can expect to see improvement in the speed and quality of your internet connection. For example, a data file of 1mb that would take 3 minutes with a dial up modem now, but using a fast satellite internet connection would take just seconds to upload the same size of data.

So, as you have just read, living in a rural area does not have to limit you from the modern conveniences and opportunities that todays networks provide. There are options available to you. Switching your service from your dial up modem or slow DSL to a fast rural satellite internet connection neither has to be painful nor a costly endeavour.

At Rustyice Solutions, we are the only Scotland based satellite internet service provider in the marketplace today. We have the backing of SES Astra which is the organisation which provides Sky TV with their satellite broadcast capability. Because of this, the likelihood is that if you already have a dish receiving satellite TV you will not require the expense of an additional dish. This is a new service which we will be rolling out over the coming days so check back soon for more details.


  1. Would like to install Satelitte Broadband in my house, as normal Broadband has limited reception.

    Address is (address hidden to protect your privacy)


    1. Hi Alexander,

      We are currently putting the finishing touches to our services which we intend to activate early next week. Thank you for your interest. We have your email address and will contact you in the next 24 hours.
      It is our intention to provide Scotland with long reach satellite broadband services at a price point which makes sense. We are sure you will not be disappointed with both the performance and the value of our services.


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