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The Hidden Drain On A Small Business Network

Junk mail costs you more than just an exasperated sigh. It isn’t quite invisible. In fact, it is very visible to many – the menace of spam.

Beyond the nuisance factor though, spam is becoming far more than a mere annoyance. Most of us have anti-spam measures in place. So the spam is constantly streaming in and being filtered out or quarantined away. So you’d think, job done. But have you noticed how much is getting through the spam filters? Equally, have you noticed how many genuine emails are hitting your spam folder? And have you noticed the volumes?

Spam is now coming in pretty much constantly. And there are extremes. In one case, a client of ours was receiving 20,000 spam messages a day. Their mail server was crawling on its knees.

In other cases, the numbers have rocketed from what was maybe 10 messages a day not so long ago, to 50, 100 and in some cases far more. Each and every day. In fact 24 hours a day.

The Symptoms

You will already have noticed these symptoms:

1. Slower broadband speeds in your office.

2. Slower network speeds – Your file server and your spam filter are now constantly whirring away filtering out spam.

3. Lower life expectancy of file servers. The big cost, particularly for those adversely affected by spam is a lower life expectancy – more wear and tear as your file server chugs away 24/7/365 handling spam.

4. Hassle. The pure nuisance factor associated with checking spam folders for “false positives”, and dealing with the spam that still gets through can be a huge time-drain.

What can you do about it?

Instead of filtering email that arrives on your network, it is now possible to handle the filtering BEFORE it is collected by your PC or mail server. That way 98% of spam DOESN’T arrive. Nor does it put a strain on your equipment. And it speeds up your internet connection because the majority of spam is not even delivered.

Rustyice Solutions Mail Protect can give you confidence that false positives are virtually eliminated. This is because it can keep abreast of spam outbreaks and can more accurately identify the rubbish.

With Rustyice Solutions Mail Protect you will:

1) Extend the life of your equipment

2) Increase your connection speeds

3) Remove the overhead of storing what is essentially rubbish (spam still takes up space on a PC or mail server until it’s gotten rid of!)

4) Create more time – instead of every member of staff ploughing through junk mail and it taking up their valuable time, you can simply eliminate the problem.

For those who still need to check for false positives, even though they are rare with a managed service, we do store filtered mail for up to 14 days before it is deleted. So you can log-on and check through if you want to be doubly sure.

Contact us here and take the first step to putting an end to this menace on your small business network.


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