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UK LLU breaks the 7 million unbundled line mark

The number of unbundled broadband connections in the UK has broken through the 7 million mark, making up around one third of all broadband connections according to data from the Office of the Telecommunications Adjudicator. The 7.03 million connections shows a massive surge since Ofcom overhauled the local loop unbundling (LLU) rules back in 2005 forcing BT to break off a new division called Openreach to manage the local telephone loop and provide equality of access between other companies and BT.

There are over 30 different companies providing unbundled services across the UK which has helped boost competition in the market. One clear example of the benefits of this is the changes in costs of broadband. At the end of 2005 a broadband service cost around £23.50 a month (excluding VAT) but this has decreased to an average of £13.31 today. How does that stack up against your own tarriff?

The bottom line is that broadband lines have now become as commoditised as electricity and gas supply. If you are not checking your own tariffs regularly and changing to follow the best deal you are most probably paying too much. If you would like to understand more clearly exactly how you can benefit from this increased competition in the telecom marketplace give us a call, free today on 0800 012 1090. The list of satisfied customers we help navigate through this minefield is always growing. Why not add yourselves to it?


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