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Using a Soft PBX to Cut Costs and Increase Productivity

Due to the introduction of technology, it has never been easier to manage small businesses and large, multi-level organizations. We have come a long way from a single telephone line and door to door sales. First we had access to fax machines, which drastically opened the door to communicating and sending documents over long distances in a short time. When computers became widely used and the internet became available, this brought the entire world even closer with just a few strokes of our fingertips. We are now far more efficient than when we had to write everything by hand and sometimes wait days or weeks to receive a package or document.

Businesses are continually striving to search for more cost efficient programs and methods to remain successful and profitable. One of the most effective programs used in offices today is the Soft PBX, or Soft Private Branch Exchange.
A Soft PBX is an automated system that does a lot of the administrative work for people in offices. When a customer calls, a friendly pre-recorded message greets them and provides them with a range of choices. They may want to simply access company information and rather than tie up an employee’s time the PBX has all the information available for the client including hours of operation and general information.If a caller wants to speak to a certain department or employee they can simply press a button and listen to music or a customized marketing message until they are connected. A Soft PBX is designed to answer multiple calls at a time, so callers will never become frustrated with constant busy signals during busy hours. The Soft PBX system doesn’t require employees to be in their offices in order for them to be reached either. The system includes call routing which can ring home, cell phone, or any other numbers, so that important calls aren’t missed and employees don’t have to be tied to their desks to be productive. As a result, clients get the impression that they are dealing with a highly organized and efficient business with easily accessible customer service. Even if an employee isn’t available to answer, clients have 24/7 access to company information and can leave a voicemail whenever they choose.

The Soft PBX is also a great way to cut company costs. It replaces fax machines and eliminates or at the very least the need to have a dedicated receptionist or administrative assistant answering phones. The PBX can send and receive faxes, answer phones, and take messages, eliminating the need to hire more help when it is busy or pay someone for too little work just to have them by the phone even when call volume is low. There is also no on-site hardware to purchase and maintain, eliminating the hassle of dealing with equipment malfunctions.

The PBX works when it’s needed and actually helps to bring money in rather than wasting it. There are many other costs that can be eliminated by using a Soft PBX instead of traditional phone systems. Many companies send employees to different cities for meetings, conferences, or training, which involves the hefty expense of air travel, mileage, accommodations, and meals. With the Soft PBX, all of these tasks can be accomplished through web conferencing and a conference calling feature on the Soft PBX. With airfares steadily increasing, conference calls can save thousands or even hundreds of thousands of pounds a year, depending on company size. Additionally, reducing employee travel through conference calling allows companies to retain employees who might otherwise move on to another job once they start families and don’t want to spend as much time away.

The Soft PBX also aids with time management. Each call that is transferred can come with an announcement of who the caller is so that employees can continue the project that they are working on if answering the call at that moment would not be the best use of their time. Calls can be diverted to voicemail without callers knowing that the call was screened, which prevents unnecessary interruptions and aids employee productivity.

Like other technologies that have revolutionized the workplace, the soft PBX system is based on a simple idea.  This simple idea is that you don’t have to fork out thousands of dollars a month on your phone system. You can actually save money by using a Soft PBX and increase your productivity at the same time.

Call us today to find out more about the Rustyice Soft PBX Solution.


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