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What Is A Management Information Base (MIB)

dbaseIn a managed device, specialized low-impact software modules, called agents, access information about the device and make it available to the network management system (NMS). Managed devices maintain values for a number of variables and report those, as required, to the NMS. For example, an agent might report such data as the number of bytes and packets in and out of the device, or the number of broadcast messages sent and received. In the Internet network management framework, each variable is referred to as a managed object, which is anything that an agent can access and report back to the NMS.
All managed objects are contained in the Management Information Base (MIB) database. The managed objects, or variables, can be set or read to provide information on network devices and interfaces. An NMS can control a managed device by sending a message to an agent of that managed device requiring the device to change the value of one or more of its variables.


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