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When did you last review your telephone service ?

If you have not reviewed your businesses telephone service strategy in the past 18 months , now is a good time to think about it. The telephone , like electricity and gas , are services we assume will always be working , and our concerns are cost and service level , but if you do not shop around you will be left behind. The marketplace is coninually shifting as providers compete for your business. If you do not consider your options regularly, you may well find that you are paying over the odds for a service which may well have been good value 12 months ago.

The line provider, line rental , ( LLU ) :
Typically this will be BT , Cable& Wireless , Virgin Media or one of many other mainstream providers. The line provider is responsible for getting a physical connection into your building that can carry a phone signal. Despite the advances in recent years in telephony technology, the vast majority of telephone and broadband network connections rely on a cable of some description to connect with the outside world via a local exchange. If this cable fails you will not have a working system, and in many cases it will be BT Openreach that repair the cable regardless of who you are leasing the line from as they are usually responsible for what is known as the “last mile” connection. Other than the obvious cost of leasing , make sure you can change line provider , if you want .

The service provider :
The “dialing tone” does not have to come from the same supplier that provides the physical connection. They are going to connect you with the world and bill you for the calls you make even if you think you are getting “free” calls. The choice of tariffs is huge, the difficulty is to find the best tariff for your actual usage. As mentioned above, this market is always very fluid. It pays to reassess your requirements every 12 months or so.

The internal systems:
If your business has more than a couple of telephones, it will probably make financial sense to utilise some form of internal exchange hardware. This can be from any number of manufacturers such as Asterisk, Avaya, Siemens and many others. The old switchboard clicking away in a back room that requires a specialist to make changes is rapidly being replaced by systems that take advantage of new technology and are cheaper to install and run. VOIP ( internet based phones systems ) have moved on from the original “Skype” offering business level service to a mind boggling array of services and companies willing to provide them. Like many of the computer programs installed on your PC , you will only use a few of the many available features, some are free and some have extra charges. The simplest advice is consider the benefits , rather than the features .

So, where do you start? Rustyice Solutions can not only assist in reviewing your telephone system and associated service contracts for line and calls, but will implement recommendations and monitor the value for money that your telephone systems and contracts provide for your business on an ongoing basis with a simple fee based on proven savings. If we can not save you money there is no charge. Contact us today to discuss how we at Rustyice Solutions can make your business telephone systems work harder for your business and also cost you less.


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